- Support for 4x20 LCD Display and large number display
- Brightness and contrast adjustment with remote
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC volume control: remote and rotary encoder
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC random filter selection 1 to 5 with remote
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC upsampling selection (L, M, H -this is the OSR setting)
- I2C level shifting (5V to 3.3V)
- Optimized power-up sequence

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Building a Freeduino

I'm builing a Freeduino but making some modifications. The red shield will be permanently placed in a box and will have all the connections to the LCD, the DAC, the rotary encoder, etc. It will also get the DC power and male headers facing up.

I'm building the Freeduino with the female headers facing down so that I can plug it into the shield and take it off to program. I've changed the capacitors for "audiophile" components just for fun :-), and added a switch to select the power (USB or External). The red shield is an old Arduino design and it lacks the 3.3V pin (which is needed for the 3.3 I2C). I would recommend a Freeduino bare-board instead. But it was an easy fix. (just drilling a couple of holes)

Here is a picture of the two modules stacked.


dweeb4 said...

aha glt, So you were only half joking when you mentioned audiophile parts to me lol!

Anonymous said...

They were better looking than the original parts. Actually, They are all scavenged parts.