- Support for 4x20 LCD Display and large number display
- Brightness and contrast adjustment with remote
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC volume control: remote and rotary encoder
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC random filter selection 1 to 5 with remote
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC upsampling selection (L, M, H -this is the OSR setting)
- I2C level shifting (5V to 3.3V)
- Optimized power-up sequence

Monday, February 8, 2010

Musiland Driver 1.082: Fast vs Precision

A reader sent me some measurements on the I2S lines with the latest driver. The first picture is with Fast Mode and the second picture is with Precision Mode. I think the error of 4 Hz is probably due to probe or calibration as the theoretical deviation in fast mode is 17 Hz (The measurement shows 21 Hz deviation)

In addition, he measured the LRCK signal in an oscilloscope. The waveform looks very clean. Note: device is powered with an external low noise regulator (not USB power)

96K Waveform

44.1K Waveform

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