- Support for 4x20 LCD Display and large number display
- Brightness and contrast adjustment with remote
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC volume control: remote and rotary encoder
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC random filter selection 1 to 5 with remote
- (OPUS/Wolfson WM8741) DAC upsampling selection (L, M, H -this is the OSR setting)
- I2C level shifting (5V to 3.3V)
- Optimized power-up sequence

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Measuring Master Clock and fs

Here is another way to measure frequency > 100 KHz. The 40-buck scope has a frequency feature that is good up to 5 MHz (It is probably good up to 8 MHz as some users have experienced)

The picture shows the MCK line with 44.1KHz material playing. If we divide this by the sample rate, 5,647,218 Hz / 44,100 Hz = 128.055. Thus the system is running at 128x fs

What would be the frequency for 48KHz? We know the fs=128x, so the frequency is 48,000x128=6.144 MHz

Pretty good measurement...

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